Monday, 11 February 2013

AT LAST - here's the news we hoped for - don't know any more than this so far. 

From the northern Echo': -

" In North Tyneside, the £1.9m the council has received will help bring its landmark Spanish City Dome back to being a focal point for visitors again with a new public piazza to join the building to the seafront.
The grant will also support the creation of a new Heritage Centre at North Shields Fish Quay to provide a new visitor attraction, cafe and exhibition space."

More news later.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Planning Application permitted

Really pleased to find out late tonight that the Planning Application for repairs and adaptations to the Old Low Light has been permitted. We believe that work may begin in late August.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Although the Blog has been quiet for some time, Net members are active in research, meetings with others, and meetings of the group.

Current priorities are:

  • · To become a constituted group – necessary for funding applications
  • · Exploring funding sources and making links with other establishments/groups to best meet criteria for funding bids
  • · Drawing up a Development Plan/Business Plan
  • · Meeting with and taking advice from similar established community groups
  • · Preparing to apply for Charitable Status
  • · Talking with potential Trustees
  • · Planning for training sessions for Trustees

We expect to hear in this coming week that planning application for repairs/alterations to the Old Low Light has been permitted.

The application has been modified: the clause requesting opening up of the window on the black wall has been removed [at this time, the Historic Buildings Officer has said there is no historical justification to support this alteration]. A separate application will be made at a later date.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The volunteers at Blyth Battery gave us a tour. They told us of their experiences in setting up the project and in continuing to expand. They were very interested in and supportive of our Fish Quay Heritage venture. 
Do have a look at their web site: 
You'll be inspired to visit.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

If you click on the link: 
you can see the planning application documents for the revamp of the Old Low Light:
 Main Range - Reopening of one east window, new door in existing west door opening, new stone paving at south, new signs, removal of stairs and partitions. 
Modern Off Shot - Alteration of pitched roof to second floor and terrace, new entrance door, bin store doors and signs, internal alterations for stair and lift.

One more step towards our Fish Quay Heritage Hub! 

Although this is a Grade 2 listed building, the modern offshot dates from the 1980s so there ought not to be any problems with permission for alterations there.
The interior of the main building was damaged by fire [before 1980s I believe] and all or most interior historical features were lost then.

It is proposed to rebuild the 3 chimneys - these would enhance the building, as would the small 2nd floor viewing terrace with glass balustrade. Intrigued? Have a look at the application! 

To see current photos of the building with captions, click on  'The Old Low Light'  at the top of this page.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Great news! Something crucial that we've been waiting to hear: -
On Monday 16th April, NTC Cabinet approved the award of a grant of up to £300,000 from the Fish Quay Townscape Heritage Initiative Common Fund to Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust to support the restoration of the Old Low Light, North Shields Fish Quay. This is the building that will house our Heritage Hub. 
Things are looking up! But there's still more work to be done, e.g.finding more grants to apply for, to pay for fitting out the interior, for a manager, for equipment, etc.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thank you to everyone who completed one of survey forms at our first event, held in December in the Nexus Travelshop in the Beacon Centre North Shields. 

The statements listed below, collected from your forms, will support our future efforts to win grants to further the project.

If you're a potential volunteer - of time, expertise or photos, etc. we'll be keeping in touch with you.
Fish Quay Heritage Centre Survey [Dec 2011] Statements

570 people have completed our public survey

100 % wanted a Heritage and Cultural Centre at the Fish Quay

91% want the Centre to have a wider focus than just the fishing industry

69% would be prepared to pay an entrance fee

59% would like a Cafe at the Centre

55% would like a Shop at the Centre

A wide range of facilities, events and activities
were popular including:

Information on Future Plans for the Fish Quay        61%
Walks & Talks               54%
Exhibition Space          54%
Arts Presentations       52%
Fish Cookery                52%
Craft Demonstrations  48%
Family History              48%
Children’s Play Area   38%
Classroom Space        34%

141 people offered their support: as volunteers at the centre, with skills, information, resources and funding

Other suggestions from supporters were: -
Boat Building, Boat Trips, Fishing Lessons, Quality Local Crafts on sale, Interactive Displays, Computer Access,
Improved links between the Town and the Fish Quay.
Winners in the related Prize draw have received their prizes, which were:
DFDS Mini Cruise for 2 - Mrs M, Cullercoats
Irvin's Brasserie £50 voucher  - Mr R, North Shields
Boots Voucher £20 - Mrs N.G, Whitley Bay
Cava [Co-op]  - Mrs B.G, North Shields
Red Wine [Co-op] - N.R, Whitley Bay
Our thanks to these local businesses who donated the prizes